A Solo Journey Into The American Wilderness

What happens when a single mom turns and faces her huge empty nest? She downsizes, buys an offroad teardrop trailer, and embarks on a solo journey into the American wilderness.

Join me in my outback, nomad adventures showcasing the beauty of life in Nature! Check out adventure stories and photo galleries.

How do you do it?

Find out how to live large in a tiny teardrop trailer with solar and offroad capacity.

Discover the world of boondocking free on public land where the views are spectacular and people are scarce.

Explore my tips and advice on gear and share your favorites with me!

What’s in a name?

What about the Miracle Update name? It’s a long story, but rest assured I’m not here to save your soul.

Life trained awareness of the miracles packed into every day and my gratitude overflows into the Outback Edition of Miracle Update.

May the blessings ripple your way.

It’s all about you!

My greatest wish is that a bit of this or that may inspire or encourage you to be YOU, here and now.

Your authentic life is a rare gift to all!

Happy Trails to YOU!

Learning to Live After Loss

I had it all figured out, until life stepped in…

Top 3 Boondocking Tips

Top 3 tips to beat the crowds, cut your costs, and live in paradise!

How to Live Large in a Tiny Teardrop

I was tired of tent-camping but didn’t want to live inside an RV. Check out the winner of my quest for a tiny, rugged, offroad rv with high customer ratings, easy to hook up and tow, low maintenance, user-friendly with the capacity to “boondock” or primitive camp.

Gear Hound – Tools For Tiny Living

Those of us who are outdoor adventures love our gear and gadgets! Take a look at some of my finds for living in a tiny space. I hope you’ll share your great finds with me too!

Listening In To Now

What does it mean to live fully in the present? To let go of expectations, past and present and experience Now?

Blog Stories and Photos    

Click on the links below to read stories and view photos of adventures in the outback.

7 months ago

Amazing to consider how our lives have changed in one year. Globally. We now relate more personally to what Nature has experienced as temperatures shift. I’m grateful our shut downs with reduced emissions and demand for materials has improved her reality. I’m also thrilled to hear of record numbers of families spending time in Nature (and hopefully practicing leave no trace rules 🙏🏼). I celebrate government approval recently to permanently fund maintenance of our national public lands. I also know the profound recovery from grief and illness we receive in Nature and pray for the families who have lost everything that matters to COVID. May the miracles of health and well-being of Nature continue to be a part of our daily health and help guide our decisions and behavior in our new world. #andsoitis ... See MoreSee Less
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10 months ago

Sewing masks for workers has replaced exploring the wilderness with Rocky. On drive days we listen to audiobooks and I picked one today based on the book cover. Flowers and bees. Looked like a sweet little spring something to lift my spirits. I hit my stride sewing and snipping when I discovered the plot was the Spanish Flu. Community is so engaging in the writing it feels like women are instructing me to prepare mustard plaster and medicinal broth. Men are bent with the task of burials. Community quarantine tasks hum through my sewing machine weaving prayers into practicalities. The dam gave way with the final snip of thread on my first mask for a child. ... See MoreSee Less
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11 months ago

Miracle Update Outback ... See MoreSee Less
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11 months ago

Loving Kindness practices create pathways to a world of kindness. Especially as the world grieves and recovers. This is a lovely, simple version of guided loving kindness meditation. From my home to yours. May you be well. 🙏🏼 ... See MoreSee Less
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Cindy Cason has been a print and broadcast journalist, magazine writer, communications director, and consultant.
At home, she was a single mom to four busy and amazing kids. In a blink, they launched and she faced a quiet, empty home and another decade until retirement.
She sold the farm and embarked on a solo journey into the American wilderness, traveling in a tiny, but fierce, offroad teardrop trailer pulled by a Subaru Outback.
Today she spotlights the beauty of life in nature, hoping to inspire you to passionately live every phase of your own authentic life.
Especially retirement…





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